Outpatient clinic

Biokinetica drives an outpatient clinic located in the center of Warsaw where 16 physicians (specialized in different medical areas) perform ambulatory examinations. The clinic has a capacity of up to 60 visits per day and is dedicated for screening and follow up examinations as well as for conduct of ambulatory studies. With our setup we offer flexible performance of screening activities e.g. full day screening or visits on weekends.

In addition, the outpatient clinic is used for general and non-study specific examinations of key patient populations (so-called pre-screening or pre-selection examinations) in order to expand our data base of patients with e.g. COPD, Asthma, Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Atopic Dermatitis etc.

Site characteristics:

  • Dedicated facility for ambulatory visits
  • Investigators-specialists
  • Pre-screening visits of patients
  • Flexible planning of study visits, e.g. full day or during weekends
  • In-house laboratory & pharmacy
  • Selected diagnostic procedures(lung function tests, ultrasound etc.)