Study Team

Continuous improvement and ongoing training of our employees are the essential prerequisites for achieving and maintaining high quality standards. Such process is particularly important when dealing with demanding study designs and complex patient studies in different therapeutic areas.

Our staff has experience in administering investigational medicinal products (IMPs) by all common routes of administration (oral, inhalative, intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous, topical, etc.). The so-called "Dosing Team" and our pharmacist know how important it is to prepare and administer the IMP exactly as stated in the protocol.

Upon project award notification, a study team is identified who will be responsible for the successful study conduct. The team will be selected based on their overall knowledge and experience with similar study types.

The Biokinetica core study team is coordinated by the responsible Project Manager/Project Coordinator. Dedicated responsible staff from each department (clinical team, pharmacy, recruitment, safety lab etc.) is involved in the study from study award and has to ensure that the study timelines and deliverables will be met. Each team lead works with the Project Manager to ensure appropriate resources are reserved at study start, enabling a smooth study conduct. Finally, every effort is made to retain the integrity of a project team for the life of this project.


  • 15 permanent physicians
  • 80 contracted physicians
  • 20 qualified nurses
  • 6 project coordinators / study coordinators
  • 15 laboratory technicians
  • 4 certified pharmacist
  • 4 dedicated recruitment team
  • 2 QA/QC specialists